Set-Up Box


We manufacture rigid paper set-up boxes. A high quality lidded box that comes preassembled and is non-collapsible. Using a set-up box enhances the perceived quality and value of your company and products. They have a high degree of durability and re-usability, extending the length of time your name is seen by the customer.

Set-Up Box

Decorative Wrapped

You can make a set-up box your trademark with the many distinctive specialty wraps and options available. Wrappers ranging from embossed substrates to multi-color printing facilitate the production of very attractive products.

Folding Carton


Folding cartons provide advantages in product distribution, protection, preservation and marketing. Packaging can either make or break a new product. The retail shelf serves as the final moment in your marketing campaign and your last opportunity to promote your product before purchase. And ultimately, it's not just a matter of getting the consumer's attention...

Folding Carton

Micro Flute

Micro Flute substrates add protective strength to any folding carton design.


Slipcase and Sleeve

The interactive terms Slipcase or Sleeve acting as a protective cover provides an effective way to increase presentation impact adding value to your product.


Protective Inserts

Paperboard, vacuum formed plastic, or textile inserts provide added appeal, versatility and organization to your project.