Paperboard Box Manufacturing

A Brief History

Thomas G. Wall established Marion Paper Box Company in 1897. The original location of the box factory was at the corner of Euclid and Western Avenues. Thomas G. Wall and his brother, John R. Wall moved the company to its current location at 600 East 18th Street, Marion, Indiana, in 1901. Upon Mr. Walls 1930 retirement he chose Merrill D. Coffing to operate the company. In 1935 Mary Frances Siebold (niece to T. G. Wall) became company president. Various members of the Siebold family, including daughter Mary Siebold-Danual, son-in-law Findley R. Christie and son-in-law James L. Daniels continued operations until the company was sold. David A. Wilson purchased the business from Mary Siebold-Danial in September of 1997 and continued operations until July of 2008 when the company was sold to current Owner/President Joseph L. McCoy.

Marion Paper Box Company has been a manufacture of quality paperboard boxes for 111 years. We are capable of producing many different types and sizes of paperboard boxes, packaging and displays. Marion Paper Box Company has always believed in and provided excellent service to all our customers. We are very involved from start to finish with all new box designs. Our current managment staff has over 75 years of combined converting and printing experience, and continues the fine traditions of high quality paperboard manufacturing.

We have found our niche in the paper box industry as a supplier of boxes at affordable pricing. Our customer base is generally within a 500 mile radius of Marion, Indiana, and includes manufacturing companies, carton distributors, confectionery industry, and retail marketing companies.

Marion Paper Box Company is a custom manufacturer with a minimum order of one. The custom cartons are designed and made to customer specifications. Our carton producion is divided into two product lines; 1) Folding cartons, which are flat folded product boxes, and 2) Set-up boxes, which are fully built boxes with optional lids. Added services to these two product lines include such services as imprinting, decorative wrapping; custom die cutting, sleeves, partitions and specialty inserts such as felt or plastic liners.

Set-Up Box

Combining a box and lid with options is an effective way to distinguish your product and get a cost effective point across.

The concept of a set-up box is simple, starting with a basic box, sized to hold your materials you can add numerous options such as a lid, printing, decorative wrapping, inserts or material liners all designed to add security and/or value to your product.

This is the basic set-up box. Simply choose one of our standard base materials and we will size the box and manufacture it to your specification. If this is your first time needing a set-up style box, our service is simply a call or mouse click away.


Folding Carton

Folding cartons are produced flat for ease of shipping and storage. Basic paperboard stock is pattern cut and folded into various design configurations. These designs when coupled with paper laminates, printed graphics, and coatings, add a cost effectiveness to folding cartons

The concept of a folding carton is simple, starting with a base flat stock of Chipboard, Clay Coated Newsback (CCNB), Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS), or Micro Flutes the folding carton is sized, die cut, scored, creased and folded to meet your configuration requirements.

This is the basic folding carton. Simply choose one of our standard base materials and we will size the box and manufacture it to your requirements.



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Folding Cartons

Considering folding cartons?

Ranging from micro flutes to paperboard, folding cartons can be produced quickly and cost effectively.

Rigid Cartons

Considering a set-up box?

Designed to provide the improved protections rigid set-up boxes provide a cost effective way of packaging ranging from one of a kind presentation to component packaging within a master carton.

Design Service

Designed to design

The more you understand the engineering details surrounding form, fit, and function before prototyping begins, the closer you are to getting it right the first time.


Internal packing

paperboard and/or vacuum formed inserts are a easy way to add versatility and organization to your project.


Protective sleeves.

The interactive terms Slipcase or Sleeve acting as a protective cover provides an effective way to increase presentation impact adding value to your product.