Custom Box Inserts

Marion Paper Box Inserts

Any folding carton or rigid box produced by Marion Paper Box Company can contain an insert. Since Marion Paper Box Company facilitates both the design and manufacting of custom inserts, securing your product into your box using a custom insert is our job.


Custom Box Inserts serve many functions. They hold your products in place, they look nice and add a touch of quality to your packaging; they can be informational, and sometimes are a part of the product themselves. One great example of boxes with Inserts is game boxes. Game box Inserts often have game rules or instructions printed on them while also serving to hold game pieces in place. Some even act as the game board or background. Another example of boxes with Inserts would be jewelry boxes. What woman would want to receive that special ring in a small box where the ring is left to float around inside the box? Jewelry boxes contain Inserts both for securing the jewelry itself, and for dynamic presentation.

Inserts come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made of all sorts of material. At Marion Paper Box Company, the material we use to manufacture your Insert depends on what type of product goes in the box, and the quantity ordered. Marion Paper Box Company representatives are trained to assist you in choosing an Insert that’s ideal for you, your products, and your budget.




Coins, letter openers, game pieces, and jewelry are just a few of the products for which Marion Paper Box Company manufactures Inserts. Coins, jewelry, and small pieces would be susceptible to loss or damage without being secured in the box. Inserts offer protection and keep your products in place. Let us work with you to design an Insert that will protect and firmly secure your products.

Storing Parts/Pieces

No one wants to play chess when one of the queens is missing. Marion Paper Box Company can design an Insert that acts as a storage case. Your customers will use it again and again to store pieces, making your product more appealing and offering you another great selling point.


If your products are the star of the show, then Custom Box Inserts are the stage. Inserts can raise, inlay, or isolate your product to enhance the beauty and win the hearts of your customers. Let a Marion Paper Box Company representative work with you to design an Insert that accentuates and highlights the best features of your product.


Your graphics can be printed or laminated to your Custom Box Insert(s). Game rules and instructions, warnings, assembly instructions, and product warranties are just a few of the things you may need to communicate to your customer. Why pay extra for printing and stuffing pieces of paper that can be easily lost? Whether it’s battery requirements or dosage recommendations, Marion Paper Box Company can print what you need to say on your Custom Box Inserts.



Platform Inserts

When you require a filler to raise your product off the bottom of the box, then a Platform Insert can be an effective and inexpensive solution. Platform Inserts are one of the most common Inserts in the industry. They look like a platform resting in the base of the box with either no holes or small pinhead holes cut in them for holding products. A gift certificate box is a common example of a box that contains a Platform Insert with no holes. Often times, though, small slits are cut for holding the corners of the certificate so that it stays in place. Bracelet and cuff link boxes often contain Platform Inserts with pinhead holes, so that all you see when you open the box is the bracelet stretched out in place or the front face of the cuff links. Though, just under the Platform, you would see wires holding the bracelet and the back clasps of the cuff links.

Platform Inserts are manufactured with specialized equipment that does not require a cutting die which helps in keeping your cost low. However, if you require specific die cut patterns or cavities, or registered printing on the surface of your Insert, then you will need a different type of Insert.

Stand-Off Trap Inserts

Stand-Off Trap Inserts are very much like Platform Inserts. However, Stand-Off Trap Inserts have a die cut pattern or patterns, also called cavities, that hold the product in place to keep it stationary. A common example of a box that contains a Stand-Off Trap Insert is a perfume box. The platform style keeps the bottle from resting on the bottom of the box, hence the term “stand-off”, and the cavity holds or “traps” the perfume in the center. Many times the cavity is cut with no or very little breathing room so that the product fits into it snuggly to provide maximum protection.

While most Stand-Off Trap Inserts require a cutting die, more simple styles do not. A Marion Paper Box Company representative can assist you in designing a Stand-Off Trap Insert that’s perfect for you, your products and your budget.

Partition Inserts

Partition Insert Partition Inserts are ideal for bulk packing items into one box. Their slotted design allows them to work as separators and protectors of each item. Whether you need to keep bottles from clanging together, compartmentalize pieces to a board game, or separate candy pieces, Partition Inserts are a great component to your set-up box.

Partition Inserts are collapsible and can ship flat, or they can be assembled into your custom set-up boxes. Partition Inserts are made of .030 to .050 chipboard, in chip, white, black, or chocolate brown. However, they can also be laminated with colored or printed paper. Let a Marion Paper Box Company representative know the type and quantity of the products you need to pack and they will be happy to assist you in designing the perfect Partition Inserts for you.

Tray Inserts

Partition InsertTray Inserts are an inexpensive solution when items of similar size need to be packaged into one box. Tray Inserts are also ideal for holding and separating decks of cards in game boxes. Like Platform Inserts, Tray Inserts do not require tooling or cutting dies so they are ideal for small quantity orders and for saving the budget. No budget worries? Ask about Tray Inserts with hinged covers. The design limits are endless. A Marion Paper Box Company representative can assist you in designing a Tray Insert that’s unique to you and your products.

Most trays are made of .030 to .050 chipboard that comes in chip, white, black, and chocolate brown. Tray Inserts can also be laminated inside and/or outside with colored or printed paper.

Frame-Vue Tray Inserts are an effective way to set your product apart. Requiring a cutting tool for production, these Inserts are considered "higher-end" inserts and are often used in special presentation or event sequencing photographic albums. A Marion Paper Box Company customer service represenative would be happy to provide additional information concerning Frame-Vue Tray Inserts.

Have an idea for an Insert? If none of the above Inserts suit your needs and you have an idea for an Insert that you think will work better for you, then run it by us. If it is a design that we feel we can mass produce, then we’d be happy to do it. Our talented and creative design team and production staff is willing, ready, and able. However, we also know our own limits so someone will let you know, usually within 24 hours, if we are able to manufacture your design or not.



Peachboard/Velboard Inserts

Partition InsertVelvet in appearance, Peachboard (also called Velboard) adds a spark of quality unmatched by any other material in the industry. It is a timeless, classic look that has been used for many years by numerous vendors of high-end products. Peachboard can make ordinary packaging look exquisite.

Nearly all of the Custom Box Inserts made by Marion Paper Box Company can be made of Peachboard, and it is not an automatic budget breaker. You may be surprised to find that for the added value it brings to your products, Peachboard Inserts can be a real bargain. Peachboard is available in many colors. A Marion Paper Box Company representative will be happy to send you small color samples.

Vinyl Inserts

Traditionally, Vinyl Inserts are used in clear vinyl boxes. However, they can be used in any type box you prefer. Cost varies greatly depending on the quantity and style of Vinyl Inserts you’re ordering. Ask a Marion Paper Box Company if Vinyl Inserts are cost effective and right for you.

Foam Inserts

If your product requires extra padding and protection, then Die Cut Foam Inserts are a perfect solution. Whether you need soft foam to hold engagement rings, or harder foam to secure heavy pieces of glass, Marion Paper Box Company can provide you with what you need. Perhaps you need a Stand-Off Trap Insert with foam underneath in order to hold coins in place. We can do that. Foam Inserts can be used by themselves or in conjunction with other Inserts. Explain what you need to a Marion Paper Box Company representative and they will be happy to assist you in the design of your custom Foam Inserts.

Vacuum Formed Inserts

Partition InsertFor larger quantity orders, Vacuum Formed Inserts can be an affordable option. Vacuum Formed Inserts provide ultimate protection and will turn your package into a presentation. Many colors and grades of plastics are available. We can even provide vacuum formed inserts that match PMS colors. For smaller quantity orders, Vacuum Formed Inserts may be a budget breaker. Ask a Marion Paper Box Company representative if Vacuum Formed Inserts are right for your next big product launch.



Aluminum PlacardGraphics are your chance to say what you need to say or want to say to your consumers. Marion Paper Box Company offers various ways for you to incorporate your message throughout your package, including the Insert. Top sheet lamination of printed material, foil stamped logos or silk screened brushed aluminum placard offer effective product presentation once the package is open. Common usage of insert graphics include trade marked logos, safety warnings, part numbers, and product instructions. Just provide your Marion Paper Box Company representative with a digital copy (less than 3.4 mega pixels not recommended) of your graphics, and they will give you their recommendation of how your graphics can be displayed on your Custom Box Inserts.



If you and/or your company are one of the millions of retailers who package and ship your products daily, then your business is our business. At Marion Paper Box Company we understand that packaging design can make or break your products. However, no part of the process is more important than Insert design. Shattered products, loose parts, and lost pieces, can damage your business immeasurably. For over 115 years, Marion Paper Box Company has designed and manufactured top of the line Inserts for all types of industry. Don’t just count on tissue paper and a prayer. Count on us to design Custom Box Inserts that protect, secure, and present your products in the best way possible.